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Hartford Motors -  We are a motorcycle and scooter manufacturer with more than 20 years experience in Taiwan.  We utilize advanced technologies for producing state of the art engines, especially our Electronic Fuel Injection system (EFI) which has achieved Euro 4 rating, thus proving the high quality of our products and our world standard. 

Our export market in United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Thailand and Nepal are increasing rapidly.  We believe that Hartford Motors will have a major impact in the motorcycle and scooter sector worldwide within the next 10 years. We are passionate to invite everyone to join us and hopefully you can become one of the growing number of Hartford specialists.

Heart for you” the main spiritual core, which means we are be there with you as always. We care about you, listen to you and of course think about you.



Hartford Motors is only Heart-For You”. We build your motorcycles with our full heart. 
We consider that each motorcycle we build means that one more life has been born. Every single motorcycle we build is always special for us. 
Therefore, we are looking for you to be our best friends and partners around the world. 

* If you are interested to represent the brand of Hartford Motors and become one of our distributors, please contact us 
* If you have any questions about our motorcycles, please contact us.


We Will Always Be There Just For You!

Contact Us

No.3 JingKe N. Rd., Nantun Dist., Taichung City 40852 Taiwan